The Before Guy

Sequel Coming in 2016!


Handsome military veteran Tate Harton just humiliated himself at his boss’s Malibu mansion, culminating in his termination in front of everyone present. In one night, he’s managed to destroy everything he spent fifteen years building.

Unemployed, depressed, and bewildered, Tate’s packed on the pounds and his future looks as bad as he does. Fed up with his moping around, Tate’s ambitious girlfriend Tiffany drags him along to a casting call for the hottest reality show on TV, Reality Bytes.

While there, Tate gets recruited to star as the “before guy” in a weight-loss infomercial. It’s embarrassing work, but he’s desperate for cash. His humiliation increases when he discovers that Jane, his college sweetheart, is the casting director.

An unexpected sensation, Tate finds himself drawn into the cheesy world of infomercials and low-rent television shows, all while struggling against his resurging feelings for Jane and the challenges presented by Tiffany’s blossoming career.

Far removed from the buttoned up, professional image he wanted, Tate finds himself reinventing his life in the absurd waters of pop culture. Add in guilt about the past, an engagement ring on layaway, and Tate’s in over his head. Then again, maybe this is exactly what he needs.

About The Before Guy Series

Having watched a lot of bad tv and infomercials in my day, I was struck by the fact that somebody had to be cast as the poor schmo who desperately needed to use the miracle product that was being hawked. I thought about how awful that would be, what a blow to one’s ego. I am drawn to honest but flawed characters who struggle to do the right thing but often trip themselves up. Sometimes opportunities and success come to us in forms we’re not sure we want or like, and then what do we do? To me, the challenges presented by defining and redefining ourselves as we go through life, negotiating new understandings in our relationships, and resilience are endlessly fascinating and universal dilemmas.Currently, I am working on the sequel The Before Guy: Take Two which explores what happens as Tate uneasily accepts his life and career have changed forever.

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Praise for The Before Guy


Ms. Waldrop’s keen observations of the inanities of pop culture, embedded in an obvious familiarity with the workings of LaLa Land, provide immense pleasure and humor. Hard to put it down while wanting to look away at times from excruciating relationships and interactions. This reader looks forward to what’s next in the Waldrop arsenal.



A fantastic, entertaining read with a full cast of characters that will keep you turning the pages. Brimming with comedy that plays on the pop culture of the 21st century, complete with Hollywood casting calls,reality tv shows, and unexpected life twists, I found myself sympathizing with the various characters. As hilarious as many of the scenes were (I was literally laughing out loud), there was also substance to the characters that emerged as the story evolved, and I felt invested in their lives and tribulations. I can’t wait for this book to become a movie. The book ended too soon. I want more!


The story is funny, touching and enjoyable with great moments of social commentary and hilarity. It is a quick read and deceptively simple, leaving the reader both amused and thoughtful. I can’t wait for the movie!

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