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Who I am

I’m Chrisanna Waldrop, a writer, blogger, and unrepentant observer of human behavior. I stare, I study, I soak it in like a sponge. People endlessly fascinate me—why they do what they do, why they say what they say, and how hilarious the whole thing is. As far as I’m concerned, life is a non-stop carnival ride with a cast of characters parading past at any moment.

How I got started

I’ve been scribbling since I was a child, but eschewed a writing career, deeming it too impractical. Instead, I went to law school, passed the California bar, and immediately decided that the last thing I wanted to do with my life was practice law. Years later, a series of things happened and I found myself unemployed. Having taken some time off to readjust my expectations, I started a blog, Dignitary’s Retreat, which explores the issues that so many people grapple with when having to start over—whether that’s as a result of a major change in their life and need to figure out a new and better way to think about themselves.

Riveted by pop culture and an inveterate watcher of bad television, I’d gape, horrified, at some of the ads and shows on tv and think, “They had to cast somebody to do this! How awful would that be?” The Before Guy emerged at the intersection of my fascination with pop culture, human foibles, and the necessity of re-booting one’s life when the rug gets pulled out from under you. What finally got me off the dime to write it, though, is a much sadder tale. Recently, I lost a friend to cancer who was much too young to go. Their passing reminded me that each day we’re given is a blessing and an opportunity to pursue our dreams. I kept thinking that if I ever found myself with only a short time to live, I’d be so mad if I hadn’t given this writing thing a try.

About The Before Guy

The Before Guy is a story about a fellow trying to figure out what he’s doing after his professional aspirations come crashing down around his ears. It’s about reconciling who he was with who he is. It’s about trying to fit in. It’s about making peace with the past. It’s about true love and how bumpy the path to finding it again can be. It’s about being resilient enough to embrace success that’s arrived in a form different than expected. It’s about recovering from guilt and past mistakes and finding a way to start over. It’s about working with the opportunities that appear, making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear—that sort of thing. And it’s meant to do all of this in a light-hearted manner, utilizing the low hanging, voluptuous fruit that is pop culture today.

What I’m up to now

I regularly post about topics touching on re-booting one’s life on my blog Re-booting a Life (formerly known as Dignitary’s Retreat). I also do freelance writing and editorial work when I’m not staring at strangers.

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