Chrisanna Waldrop

Author, Blogger, & Freelance Writer

I’m a writer, blogger, and unrepentant people watcher. My blog explores questions surrounding how we define ourselves as individuals and what limitations we use to box ourselves in.

It’s Up to Us: Making the Magic Happen

Up and down the East Coast, it’s been raining a lot—old Apollo has packed his bags and disappeared (he’s not the only one). Ordinarily, such grey skies would be sufficient to sour my mood, but as I was driving home the other day, I spied a little boy playing in the rain and he looked so joyful! As I passed by, he beamed at the sky as the rain landed on his little slicker. His sheer glee captivated me, making me pause, feeling wistful.   When was the last time you felt unmitigated joy?   When did you even come close?   Of course, that sort of pleasure is the purview of childhood, so I guess we won’t get to experience the exact same sort of elation as that sweet little boy, but elation remains possible for adults. It may be quieter. It may be less obvious or showy, modified by the pangs and arrows of this mortal coil, but rapture is our birthright. We just have to know where to find it—mostly, within ourselves.   There’s a lot we can learn from that child.   There he was, playing alone in a grey, wet day with nobody but me to witness. Just a little boy in the rain. He wasn’t worrying about how he looked on the swing or whether it was babyish to feel so content. He didn’t ask himself if he deserved it. His thoughts weren’t filled with guilt about filling the house with muddy footprints or about what he was going to do later or if he might catch a cold. Or if his friends... read more
I’ve been writing since I was a child, but eschewed a writing career deeming it too impractical. Instead, I went to law school, passed the California bar, and immediately decided that the last thing I wanted to do with my life was practice law, so I moved to California, determined to find a different career.

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